Function and application of calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite is mainly used for disinfection, sterilization and bleaching. It is simple, convenient and safe to use. The solution is non-toxic, harmless, no residue, and does not pollute the environment.

1. Bleach

The color of pulp mainly comes from lignin and extractives. The bleaching process is mainly to remove the colored substances in the fiber and obtain pulp bleaching methods with certain whiteness and appropriate physical and chemical properties.

Dissolved lignin bleaching uses appropriate bleaching agents, such as calcium chloride hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen peroxide, etc., to dissolve lignin through oxidation to achieve bleaching. This method is often used to bleach chemical pulp with high whiteness requirements.

Retain lignin, only decolorize and bleach the chromogenic group, with small loss, and retain the characteristics of the pulp.

Calcium hypochlorite can be used as a bleaching agent for dissolved lignin bleaching, and is used for the bleaching of pulp, some fabrics and fibers.

2. Disinfectant

Calcium hypochlorite is a chlorine containing product, which has strong permeability and can penetrate the cell wall and virus shell, denaturing the bacterial protein to death; When it decomposes, it can form ecological oxygen and quickly oxidize and denature bacterial proteins; Chlorine can act directly on bacterial protein, making it denatured and inactive.

Calcium hypochlorite has strong disinfection and sterilization power. Its solution mixed with water is shown in the table below. The sterilization time is short. Generally, it can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses in 2 ~ 10min, such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, fungi, Bacillus subtilis, black mutant spores and other pathogenic bacteria, and destroy the surface antigen of hepatitis virus. It can disinfect, bleach and deodorize tableware, tea sets, sanitary wares and Bathware. It can effectively prevent the infection of hepatitis, typhoid fever, cholera, dysentery, SARS and other diseases. Calcium hypochlorite solution at (30 ~ 50) × At 10-6 o'clock, it can kill more than 99.99% of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Salmonella pullorum. When diluted 5 ~ 6 times, the destruction rate of hepatitis B surface antigen was 99.9%.

If the towels, bath towels, pillow towels, underwear and underwear in the home are not cleaned and disinfected enough, they still have peculiar smell after washing. Soaking underwear directly with diluted calcium hypochlorite solution can not only disinfect, disinfect, remove odor, but also clean and bleach. If your underwear is not very dirty, you can wash it without detergent or soap.

All kinds of leather products are easy to mildew in plum rain season. Scrubbing with diluted calcium hypochlorite solution and storing after cooling and drying can effectively prevent moldy and hairy leather goods.

White clothes stained with pen ink or other non oily dyes can be removed by spraying calcium hypochlorite solution directly onto the stain or soaking it. (it has poor decontamination and bleaching effect on carbon ink). White clothes or supplies that have been placed for a long time have some yellow spots. Soaking them in diluted calcium hypochlorite solution can make them as white as new.

Proportion of disinfected articles effective chlorine content

/(mg/l) disinfection method and time

Disinfection of tableware, tea set and kitchen utensils 240 soaking for 3 ~ 5min

Disinfect the surface of meat, fruits and vegetables for 40 minutes and soak for 5 minutes

Disinfection of drinking water (well water, river water) 6. It can be drunk after disinfection for 30min

Toilet disinfection (household) 400 scrubbing or soaking, action 5 ~ 10mim

Soak the patient's saliva, vomit and excreta 400 for 2h

Sterilization of milk bottles and toys 240 soaking for 3 ~ 10min

Disinfection of walls, furniture and floors: 400 scrubbing and spraying, acting for 10min

Disinfect the patient's clothes and supplies 240 and soak them for 5 ~ 10min

Human health 120 soak hands and feet for 3 ~ 5min or wipe the body

Disinfection and deodorization of poultry houses: 240 spraying, with effect of 5 ~ 10min

Cleaning and disinfection of public goods and environment 400 wipe, action for 5 ~ 10min

Air disinfection 240 spray 10 ~ 20ml/m2

Spraying with calcium hypochlorite solution, adding calcium hypochlorite solution to garbage cans, sewers or ponding can inhibit the formation and reproduction of mosquitoes. Disinfect and sterilize to remove peculiar smell. If the indoor air is dirty or has smoke smell, or there is fried smell and fishy smell after cooking, 3 ~ 5% calcium hypochlorite solution can be sprayed in the air. After spraying, the doors and windows can be closed for 5 ~ 10min to remove all kinds of peculiar smell.

The tiles and sanitary wares in the bathroom are yellow and smelly. After spraying with 3 ~ 55 calcium hypochlorite solution, the tiles and sanitary wares will be clean and bright, and there will be no odor.

In rooms and floors with a large flow of people, calcium hypochlorite solution with a content of 0.1% can be used for disinfection. For household disinfection, the solution can be reduced by half, and 0.05% calcium hypochlorite solution is suitable. The surface of furniture and facilities can be wiped with a wet cloth soaked with diluted calcium hypochlorite solution. Do not use an appropriate amount of disinfectant to avoid accumulation. The carpet should be dusted with a vacuum cleaner before further cleaning with carpet cleaner.

The keyboard and mouse of the computer, especially the shared ones, must regularly use 0.1% calcium hypochlorite solution to wipe the shell of the central processing unit and the display, and then wipe the remaining solution on the shell of the central processing unit and the display with a wet cloth after 5min.

Dust screen of ventilation system. Disinfect once a week. Place the dust screen on the Soak in 0.1% calcium hypochlorite solution for 10min. After taking out the dust screen, wash it with clean water. And put the dust screen aside to dry.

Car disinfection uses 0.1% calcium hypochlorite solution to clean and disinfect with a mop. The button board in the elevator, including the control panel, needs to be cleaned and disinfected with a cloth soaked in 0.1% calcium hypochlorite solution. After 5min, wipe the control panel and other metal button boards with another waterfall.

To prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease. However, Boeing warned that the disinfectant may corrode the metal parts of the aircraft and may cause the brakes, axles and landing gears of the aircraft to be fragile.

3. Insecticidal and plankton

In places where small ants often appear, spray directly with 5% calcium hypochlorite solution to prevent the recurrence of small ants.

In places with many flies, spraying calcium hypochlorite solution on tables, floors and other objects or wiping objects with disinfectant can effectively prevent flies from biting.

The poultry house or cage of pets at home can be sprayed with 5% calcium hypochlorite solution or soaked with diluted disinfectant, which can effectively remove the odor. Dilute calcium hypochlorite solution, directly wash pets (no need to add bath liquid). It can not only remove all kinds of bacteria and microorganisms in pet fur, stop itching for pets, but also remove the peculiar smell on pets. At present, the fur is still very bright.

4. Sewage treatment

Hospital sewage, taking 350 comprehensive beds as an example, the daily sewage volume of each bed is 800L, the dosage is 50mg/l, and the contact time is 2H.

Urban sewage contains organic substances such as human feces and urine, which are treated with calcium hypochlorite. Calcium hypochlorite can react with ammonia and amino acids in the sewage to decompose nitrogen or produce chloramine compounds, which has disinfection effect, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing pollution.

Calcium hypochlorite is also used in decolorization treatment of dye factory wastewater, detoxification of cyanide containing wastewater, treatment of radioactive substances, desulfurization agents in oil refineries, etc.

Calcium hypochlorite is also used in the sewage produced by metallurgical mining industry, which contains a lot of cyanide. A lot of cyanide is removed from the sewage. Our products are widely used in the metallurgical sewage treatment in Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. However, there are many metallurgical industries in China. A large number of sewage has not been treated or treated symbolically, which will bring serious pollution to our living environment. A large number of cyanide and related toxic substances penetrate into groundwater through the surface layer, which will pose a greater threat to people's health. If our products are popularized and used in our country, it will bring hope to the future cleanliness of people's lives and environment. For example, large-scale disinfection during SARS, Wenchuan earthquake, tsunami, flood, cholera, devastating events, large-scale environmental hazards, and man-made environmental hazards all have a strong control effect.